About Nancy

I am a painter, portrait artist, and retired hairstylist.

I have combined my experience to create dreamlike characters, with realistic eyes and imaginary hair.

My love of art began in the Bronx, NY, where I was born.

I honed my skills at the EAP, School of Fine Arts in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

I now call Hollywood Florida, home, where I live with my husband and enjoy watching the sunrise on the beach.

Using books and videos, I taught myself to sculpt the human head in clay, in order to have a deeper understanding of the planes of the face.  It helped me visualize proper feature placement when drawing from life, or my imagination.

After 30 years of learning about portraiture, color and design, I finally have time to put my experience into creating work that embodies my vision, passion and imagination.

Growing up with a blind sibling, probably infulenced my fascination with eyes. Besides making art, I love to hang out with my grandchildren, swim, cook delicious meals, watch silly movies and read romance novels.